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Supervision for Coaches

Good supervision is the bedrock of coaching.   It’s not about teaching you how to coach.  It’s a structured space to develop as a coach, to explore new perspectives and deepen your own professional fulfilment.   As a coach I have worked with a broad range of clients, from executive leadership to those struggling with difficult life challenges.  Just as I always coach the person, not the issue, so I supervise the coach not the coaching issue.  The aim is to support and to strengthen you as a coach so that you can be the instrument of change in your clients.

I hold the Professional Certificate in Advanced Supervision Practice from Oxford Brookes University.   I am also a listed Qualified Coach Supervisor with the Association Of Coaching Supervisors.


Fees:  I charge 20% over whatever is your average fee to your clients.   This allows me to work with coaches at all levels and recognises your wish to add value to your own coaching.

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